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About Us

Welcome to Delana's Yoga Suite. Have you ever wanted to take Yoga classes but didn't know where to start? Do you feel stressed and are looking for ways to decrease it? This studio is dedicated to everyone who is interested in taking steps to improve their way of life.

Whether this is your first experience or you are a returning student to Yoga, All are welcome. This studio is designed to create an alternative movement and health care that will improve your physical and mental being. It will offer assistance in reconditioning past injuries, improve movement, increase circulation and decrease stress. Delana's Yoga Suite will offer a practice that you can take away and use in other aspects of your life. Let Delana's Yoga Suite be your temporary vacation with life-long benefits.

My journey with Yoga started in 2004, as complimentary training to my Martial Arts. I have taught Tang Soo Do for 11 years prior to teaching Yoga. Over the years Yoga has given my life a new meaning.  I became certified in teaching Jiivana Yoga in 2011. I have taught at numerous destinations throughout the United States. Yoga has opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities in health and wellness. In 2012, Delana's Yoga Suite was born, offering in studio and offsite Yoga classes, workshops and demonstrations.  

Here at Delana's Yoga Suite, we offer Yoga classes, Meditation and Bodywork services such as Thai Massage. Whether this is your first experience or you are looking for a place to take care of yourself on a regular basis, let us find a way to get into your "Suite" life. Let this be your Oasis from home. 

Take your journey into health and wellness. Find your peace within and without.

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